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What if It Were Possible to Reach a Point of Singularity in Meditation, Where You Could Reset Your Subtle Energetic Bodies, Resulting in Profound Healing?

This Pro-Consciousness Meditation course presents a creative and profound way to enhance your practice of meditation. This innovative course introduces a technology called t-squared-meditation-small(T-Squared) Meditation, implementing concepts of Quantum Physics and the artful utilization of Breath, Soul Mantra, and Pre-Informed Crystals to take your meditation practice to a more powerful level, allowing you to completely transform your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

In this lesson, we will address how mediation may have an effect not only on the physiology, brain, and behavior of the individual but also on the global consciousness, as has been documented during the last fifty years.  

Meditation isn’t simple mindfulness or an altered state but involves transcending thought and entering into more refined brainwave states, which has powerful effects on our physiology. It has been explored by both science and neuroscience and should be considered a powerful tool to integrate into our personal development on all levels and into the learning process of a university.

There are hundreds of techniques of meditation with different origins. In this lesson, we will review the Meditation and its inspiration. This concept of meditation will be presented related to the multidimensional model of healing presented in the university program. A deeper experience in meditation is related to the subtle energy anatomy, as revealed through quantum physics and ancient concepts of Taoist medicine.

I will use my personal history (loss of my brother) and Thomas, my grandson and Master.

Personal experimentation with brain mapping (EEG & DEEG) will demonstrate the personal outcome of a long-term meditator. The use of crystals seems to enhance the experience of the meditation. How to imprint information in a seed crystal will also be discussed.

Meditation will be related to concepts of quantum physics such as the Torus Field, Space Brain, Black Hole, and Wormholes. The notion of space will be also explored, as well as the smallest quanta of energy. The process of thought and the brain as a crystal radio are other fascinating aspects that will be associated with the idea that the brain is like a fractal antenna (microtubule).

In this class, we will look at the hypothesis that crystals can be programmed with the theory of tachyons. The ground concept is to support the Meditation in its intent to generate more coherence in the subtle bodies.

The art and science of breath will be discussed in this class as an important component of the Meditation.  Elements of quantum physics and Taoist medicine will be also taken into consideration. The movement of the laser crystal is used to add a spin to the torus field when combined with the breath.

In this class, the student will be introduced to a key part of the (T-squared) Meditation, how to use the technology of the Soul Mantra to go beyond nonlocality (transcend). The brain is probably the most powerful accelerator of particles on earth. Using the natural gravity of a thought and an analogy using a concept of quantum physics, the student will be initiated into power of the Soul Mantra.

Meditation is not only an individual private act. In this class, we will see how the World can be transformed when meditators gather together. Project Noosphere will be explained in more detail, as well as how to participate to this gigantic platform to raise global awareness.

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the multiple effects and benefits of meditation, including physiology and brain transformation.
  2. Discuss the theory of quantum physics, Torus Field, Space Brain, Black Holes, and Brain Crystal Radio as applied to meditation.
  3. Explain the process of transcending, including the use of multidimensional approaches of combining Breath, Soul Mantra, and Sacred Geometry.
  4. Describe the Power of Intention and expound upon its effect on global consciousness.
  5. Meditation can be applied and/or integrated into personal practice.

dr-paul-meditation-course-noosphere2Dr. Paul Drouin is a Canadian MD, Homeopath, Acupuncturist, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and Professor of Integrative Medicine with more than twenty years’ experience as a Family Doctor who has devoted thirty years to exploring traditional and alternative methods of curative, preventive, and Integrative Medicine. He is the Founder and President of the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) and host of the annual World Congress of Integrative Medicine. Learn more about Dr. Paul Drouin.

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